• Volume Cafe (map)
  • 5600 Route 42(a.k.a. black horse pike)
  • Washington Township, NJ, 08012
  • United States

Camille Peruto is a young singer songwriter from southern New Jersey. The prodigy has only been playing the guitar and writing songs for a little over five years, belying the breadth and depth of her songwriting styles and lyrics. More than one observer has described her as an “old soul” or “born with wisdom”. Camille’s musical influences are varied, from the Beatles to Alanis Morissette, from Tom Petty to Paramore, from Johnny Cash to Carrie Underwood.

Camille has been blessed with an angelic voice, marked by both vulnerability and extraordinary control. Her sound cannot be referred to other popular voices of her time. She is a bit of a throwback in her handling of thematic material, in both the lyrical and musical senses. Camille’s songwriting output is to this point astounding. She writes constantly, has to date written somewhere between 150 and 200 songs, which would be easy enough to take in if most of them were “throwaways” as any songwriter of any age or level of experience might expect. Unfortunately for those trying to keep up with her, from her competition to her minions trying to maintain her catalog, well over half of her works, and perhaps up to two thirds of them are worthy of recording and performing.

And of performance, Camille’s stagecraft has continually improved over the few years that she has been active. Seasoned veterans such as Tommy Conwell, formerly of Tommy Conwell and The Young Rumblers, and John Eddie have remarked that she is a force to be reckoned with. There is no doubt in the casual listener’s mind either that Camille is destined for big things in the music world. Her admirers range in age from the teens to the 50 and 60 somethings. For someone so talented, this young artist also just happens to be a sweet, likable young woman who would otherwise be just any other nice kid.

Camille has performed in a number of Philadelphia venues, including The World Café Live and  Tin Angel, as well as New Hope’s Havana Club. She has traveled to Rhode Island and to Florida to perform. Camille has played in just about every coffee house in the southern New Jersey area and has recently begun performing in bars and restaurants as well.  She exudes confidence and grace as her already veteran status attests. Camille has been on stage literally hundreds of times, playing to audiences ranging from less than a dozen to many hundreds in number.

Camille’s songwriting is decidedly of the popular genre, but with folk and country embellishments.

Fresh off the release of her debut CD "Sparrow", Camille is poised to share her original music, full of infectious melodies and lyrics insightful beyond her years, with a much wider audience.